Send Anonymous Emails From Your Android Device Using Fake Mailer App

Send Anonymous Emails From Your Android Device Using Fake Mailer App

E-mails are a big part of daily computing for mobile users who expect all the functionalities of a usual desktop PC out of their handheld devices. II know many of you like me, must have tried their hand at e-mail spoofing, coming to a conclusion that its extremely complex and all that hardwork isn’t worth it.

The other way around for sending an anonymous e-mail is to create a fake account but that is just not feasible and kills the fun of it all.

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Thanks to folks at 2SimpleCreations Android users can now send anonymous mails with fake id’s by using their Fake mailer application that allows any body of content to be sent to any e-mail address with a fake id and name of your choice. All users have to do is to enter the body of the message they want to send, enter the recipient’s name and address and then the senders fake address and name, it is that simple!

Although the app currently just allows three mails to be sent per day, 2SimpleCreations has promised to add more functions and features if they receive positive feedback on Google Play the Android app market.

Everything said, the problem with such apps is their misuse for evil and destructive purposes which is very wrong and, therefore, it is not endorsed by the app’s creators nor by Us in anyway.