Scientists Discover A Completely New Human Species In China

Scientists Discover A Completely New Human Species In China

A weird piece of latest news suggests that we may have to make an addition to our family tree, and a new lineage in the human species might have been found. Fossils that were discovered in 1979 in west China have been completely analyzed now and scientists believe that they are from an undiscovered human race that could be 11500- 14500 years old, just before the dawn of agriculture era.

Fossils belonging to approximately five individuals were unearthed from Maludong, near the city of Mengzi in Yunnan Province while others were discovered at Longlin in neighboring Guangxi province. Scientists from University of New South Wales in Australia was led by Darren Cunroe who analyzed the fossils that have a unique mixture of archaic and modern human features.

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The team says by after studying the fossils carefully they presume that these humans had characteristics unlike those of the modern humans such as broad noses, no prominent chin, prominent brow bridges, flat and small faces tucked under the brain and average brain sizes with thick skull bones and large molar teeth.

The origin of this human specie named “Red Cave People” because of evidence that proves they used to eat deer meat, is still an issue of debate.

The research team has proposed two scenarios in its PLoS One paper. One scenario suggests that these humans belonged to the early homo-sapiens and had migrated far off to have lived separately while the other argument contends that these are distinct species of humans that existed alongside the modern human beings until very recently. While a third point of view completely unrelated to the team says that these could be a hybrids.

“It’s possible these were modern humans who inter-mixed or bred with archaic humans that were around at the time,” said Dr Isabelle De Groote, a palaeoanthropologist from London’s Natural History Museum.

All in all it could be pretty startling and weird if these fossils are confirmed as a whole new human species, some scientists believe that these species can belong to the time of Neanderthals and the Denisovan people.