Next iPad May Be Called ‘iPad HD’ [RUMOUR]

Next iPad May Be Called 'iPad HD' [RUMOUR] 1

Its been a while since Apple confirmed the 7th of March as the launch date for the upcoming next-gen iPad. Like many of you, I  also thought that rumour mills would now sit-back calmly until the final release. But, I guess we were wrong as another rumour has popped up again about its name. All the while rambling and guessing about the tablet’s features we forgot that the name iPad 3 was self assumed and Apple had given no hint at what the name of the new iPad would be.

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Apple usually has a reputation for closely guarding the specs,  features and name of its about to be launched product but it does let the parts maker know about the new product a day or two before the launch. With 5 days to the D-Day, we think it is quite possible that the company may have given product details to parts makers so they may be ready for the launch day.

One such proof that backs this theory up was recently posted at Gizmodo, where snapshots of Griffin’s parts list were leaked. Griffin is a famous accessory manufacturer for iDevices. The snapshots list parts for an iPadHD, which the site claims is the name for the upcoming tablet. This can be true as we can safely assume that the new tablet would sport a Retina Display and as a marketing tool Apple may want to name it the iPad HD to let common customers know there is something special about its display.

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In another piece of evidence, the site presents the usage data of an application called Taptalk that runs on iOS, Android and Blackberry. It shows the web traffic for the site and weirdly a device labelled iPadHD has been visiting the site regularly in the past months. Though its not a solid evidence it does put some weight to the HD name theory but the odds are Apple would never break its traditional nomenclature and name the third tablet iPadHD.

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