New iPhone 5 To Have Same 3.5-inch Screen, 4G LTE Support — Launch This Fall

New iPhone 5 To Have Same 3.5-inch Screen, 4G LTE Support — Launch This Fall

It hasn’t been a month since the new iPad was launched and it seems the whole world is back at it again, spreading rumours and speculating the specs of Apple’s next big device release, the new iPhone. A new report bt iMore says that the fruit company would be launching the next iteration of its hot-selling handset by October this year.

The report seems plausible as this fall it would be over an year since the release of the iPhone 4S. Since then fans all around the world have been asking the same question, “okay, 4S is good but what’s next?”.

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The report further concludes that the new iPhone 5 would most likely be 4G enabled, a rumour that is supported by the revelation we saw earlier in iOS 5.1’s lines of code that is written to handle 4G calls, so it is most likely that the new device will be LTE ready if the hardware allows it.

Other than that, it is reported that it would have a micro-dock that would leave space for more hardware may be a 4G radio, who knows? There is also no confirmation about the screen size but most tech pundits are of the view that Apple would retain its original 3.5 inch screen for reasons of usability mentioned in an earlier post while some other insiders say that the company is all set to increase the screen size to 4.6 inches and the new phone would be bigger to accommodate a larger battery which might be good idea considering the fact that 4G communication is huge on battery draining.