New iPhone 5 To Feature A 4.6-Inch Display [REPORT]

New iPhone 5 To Feature A 4.6-Inch Display [REPORT]

Every iteration of the iPhone brings with it rumours of a bigger display, but ever since iPhone was released in 2007 the screen size has remained constant at 3.5-inch. Now a new rumour has surfaced through Reuters who claim that an internal industry source has confirmed a bigger, 4.6 inch display to be integrated in the next iPhone.

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It said that Apple has already placed orders of the iPhone 5 with its suppliers to provide a larger display panel of 4.6 inch dimensions while its major display manufacturing suppliers LG and Samsung have refrained from commenting on the subject. iPhone’s major competitor in the market also comes from Samsung in the form of its flagship smartphone the Galaxy S II which has 4.3 inch display operated on its AMOLED technology.

Its a tough call to either consider this rumour plausible or a complete myth. Supporting the rumour are reasons such as a bigger display would allow the fruit company to integrate a bigger and heftier battery and add a much talked about LTE radio in the increased space while on the opposite hand we have a firm belief that Apple would still go with its 3.5 inch rule in order to retain ease of use and usability function that allows users the capability to touch any part of screen with their thumbs.

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This is a major usability issue, for instance a user of Galaxy S II cannot reach the other end of the screen merely with his thumb holding the phone in one hand where as the 3.5 inch iPhone display is completely under touch range of the thumb.