Malicious Chrome Extensions Are Being Used To Hijack Facebook Accounts

Malicious Chrome Extensions Are Being Used To Hijack Facebook Accounts

Beware Chrome users, your beloved browser is not as safe as you imagine. Unsuspecting users can fall prey to a new hacking scheme that employs chrome extensions to hijack Facebook profiles on a chrome browser. Hackers are uploading infected chrome extensions on the official Chrome web-store which may then be downloaded by any unaware user.

Once downloaded these extensions are capable of immediately taking over a Facebook profile.

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Assuming complete control of the profile these hackers then spam your friends about this malicious extension and like pages without you ever knowing it because they in-turn get money by different companies for every ‘Like’ they produce.

To make matters worse these extensions are actually advertised on Facebook itself. These ads claim that users can change the colour of their profile, track someone else’s profile and what not to tempt them into clicking it. Once clicked they take the user to the official Google Chrome Web Store which makes it easy to fool more users because they then think it is safe to download the extension as it’s present on Google’s official page.

Regrettably that is not the case, not everything  you see on the official page is safe and users need to be very cautious while adding any plugin or extension to their browsers.

[via Gizmodo]