LG’s Flexible E-Paper Display All Set To Launch In April

LG's Flexible E-Paper Display All Set To Launch In April

LG is all set to revolutionize the e-book market with its flexible e-paper product that shall arrive in Europe by the start of next month. LG has always been big on the concept of flexible, bendable displays that provide aesthetically natural devices that are not only great from the usability point of view but are extremely durable and reliable.

In January 2010 LG showcased a 19-inch flexible bendable display prototype measuring in at just 0.3-mm thin and 250×400mm although we are yet to see these displays reach production stage — Today the company revealed it has started the mass production of the worlds first plastic electronic paper display (EPD). The new display that is officially coming to market in Europe by next month is 6 inches of (1024×768) e-ink that is just 0.7mm thick and weighs at just 14 grams.

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The e-paper display is extremely malleable with a bending angle of 40 degrees at the middle. It is also durable with LG’s claim of its resistance to scratches and breaks when dropped from a height of 1.5 m which is also the average height at which users normally hold devices while reading. A series of drop tests and hammer hitting have proved the case of its durability.

With the world’s first plastic EPD, LG Display has once again proven its reputation for leadership and innovation with a product we believe will help greatly popularize the E-Book market…

… were the words of Sang Duck Yeo, Head of Operations for LG Display’s Mobile/OLED division.

LG’s plan is to first supply the display to ODMs in China before bringing the final product to Europe by the beginning of next month. Unfortunately, there is no word on its release in the United States.