Download Bitdefender Total Security 2012 To Kick Your PC Back In Shape

Download Bitdefender Total Security 2012 To Kick Your PC Back In Shape 1

If you’re on the lookout for a full antivirus solution, your search should end here: Bitdefender Anti virus protection has released its new iteration of anti-malware products.

Version 2012 of the Total Security software suite is more than a simple antivirus: it combines AV engines, anti-spam and antiphishing modules, as well as a wide range of tune-up utilities to kick your PC back into shape.

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Download and Installation

Bitdefender Total Security 2012 is the company’s first product to bear the new identity following the rebranding event in September. The new installer has been redesigned to match the new Bitdefender colors (black, red & white) and has replaced the standard MSI installer.

The installation process is straightforward: you only have to download antivirus the 800-Kb bootstrapper and run it. The deployment tool will ensure that your Bitdefender installation has the latest files available from the vendor, including malware signatures and will also choose the right environment (32- or 64-bit) for you.

Before installing itself on the PC, Bitdefender runs a quick scan on critical areas of the system using a combination of conventional engines and in-the-cloud technology. When the installation has finished, you are prompted to either start your 30-day trial or to register the product if you already have a valid product key.

The Antivirus

The antivirus module is the core of the Bitdefender 2012 product. The 2012 line-up (including Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Antivirus Pro) comes with the same antivirus engine and the same database of signatures. The 2012 series of antivirus products is focused on delivering even more speed and minimizing the impact on the system via the newly-introduced scanning technology called Scan Dispatcher, which runs scans only when the system load is below a certain threshold. This way, the product ensures that no scan job is triggered when the system is performing resource-intensive tasks.

The Active Virus Control has also been redesigned to accurately identify malicious behavior and block unknown e-threats before they are able to perform any changes on the PC. Active Virus Control actively monitors currently running applications and assigns a score for every action they initiate. When the score reaches a specific value, the application is automatically terminated and it is deemed as unsafe.

Bitdefender’s antivirus technology is currently ranked as world’s best by a variety of independent reviewers including AV-Comparatives and Virus Bulletin.

Antispam and Antiphishing

Antispam is another module that is ranked as best-in-class by international reviewers, as it managed to achieve 12 consecutive awards from Virus Bulletin. The antispam module integrates with the most used e-mail clients, such as Thunderbird, Outlook and The Bat. Other e-mail clients are also supported, but they do not integrate with the Antispam Toolbar.

The Antiphishing module keeps you safe while shopping online, using social networks or interacting with forms in any other way. Starting with the 2012 lineup, Bitdefender has added extensive antiphishing protection that warns the user not only about the fact that they are about to enter their details in a rogue form, but also alert them about whether the virtual store is legit or not.

Parental Control

Both Bitdefender Total Security 2012 and Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 feature a Parental Control module that allows a tutor to control the way children access the Internet. Computer administrators can configure not only what resources can non-administrators access, but can also define the hours between which access to the Internet is allowed. The Parental Control module reports attempts to access restricted resources to an online account that can be checked from any location using a smartphone or a notebook.

Bitdefender,antivirus,Bitdefender antivirus,antispam,spam

The Firewall

Introduced back in version 8, the Bitdefender Firewall has rapidly evolved: it can automatically detect which network the user connects to and applies a pre-set privacy profile. These profiles apply various network settings depending on whether the network is public or private (trusted) and enables or disables file sharing, port scanning or network discovery.

The firewall also comes with an extensive list of known processes that are allowed by default to connect to the Internet without asking for the user’s permission. The firewall can also detect if the application that has just been opened is a game and, if so, it automatically enables the Game Mode and opens the necessary ports in the firewall.

System Tune-Up

Total Security 2012 is Bitdefender’s flagship product and comes with a collection of utilities to keep your PC in shape. Among the included utilities, there are a disk defragmentation tool, a duplicate file finder, a Registry cleaner and a file shredder to get rid of sensitive documents.

All in all, Bitdefender Total Security is considered one of the best antivirus of 2012. Download and enjoy.