Is This The Samsung Galaxy S III? [LEAKED IMAGE]

Is This The Samsung Galaxy S III? [LEAKED IMAGE] 1

It seems as if the world wide web and its rumour mills need to constantly quench their thirst of speculations and rumours about any anticipated gadget, all the time. With Apple’s latest iPad finally released and available for the past week, rumour mills needed another victim to create hearsay, and it was readily available to them in the form of Samsung and its flagship handset Galaxy S III which is supposed to take over from its current success the Galaxy S II.

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Internet is now going crazy making speculations about the upcoming handset that is said to take the market by storm, with many allegedly leaked pictures and specifications rising to the occasion at various sites. This time again we have come across a purportedly leaked press-shot of the handset that is quite similar to the leaked images we have witnessed in the past. It is claimed that this is an ‘official image’ that was rendered for the press and has some how escaped the heavily guarded fortresses of Samsung.

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It seems that this style of the S III comes from Galaxy S wifi media player which was also the case with the previously leaked image of the upcoming smartphone. Not only this but attached with the image are some leaked specifications that sound rather exciting but no one can tell for sure if they are really going to be the final specs.

The alleged specs report of a 12 MP rear cam that is capable of shooting 1080p video at 60 fps with some pretty cool in built features like time lapse and slow motion. They also detail out a 4.7 inch Super AMOLED HD screen that would have a pixel density of 331 ppi with 720 p resolution. Samsung might also integrate an Exynos series quad core processor clocked at 1.5 Ghz with a whooping 1Gb RAM and upto 32 Gb of internal storage. If these specs are true then Samsung is about to create havoc with the S III and need not to worry about filling in the big shoes of its star handset the Galaxy S II.

As far as the release date is concerned, if you look closely at the images you can see the ‘Tuesday 22nd’ date displayed on the screen of the image, and the next Tuesday that occurs on 22nd is coming by the end of may, so can it be the launch date for the set?

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