How Things Would Look On iPad 3 With Retina Display

How Things Would Look On iPad 3 With Retina Display

It is safe to say that iPad 3 would boast an amazing Retina Display with countless rumours and pieces of evidence we have seen in the past few months. If speculations are correct then it would have a mind-boggling 2048×1536 resolution in a 9 inch screen, frankly that’s a lot of pixels tightly packed into a tiny space consequently images and visuals on this screen would be much sharper and true to life.

Game Developers , Pixels On toast, have apprehended this change in resolution early and are working on a game named ‘Food Run’ that has been prepared keeping in mind the fact that it would be played at such high resolutions. Thinking ahead they developed the game specifically for this 2048×1536 resolution so that once Apple upgrades the display their game should be able to exploit the higher resolution and the artwork should keep up with the sharper visuals.

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As a treat for those of us who don’t understand the difference in quality, developers have lent us some images that clearly depict the differences in image quality if the same game is run at the resolution of previous iPad screens and the Retina Display. It is clear that the new display supersedes all other displays in terms of picture quality as we have seen with iPhone 4S, where you cant even identify individual pixels. Imagine such a screen extended to 9 inches, after experiencing such dazzling picture quality at-least I wouldn’t want to go back to those 1024×768 lifeless resolutions.

But this state of the art display comes with a price of its own. Pixels On Toast has indicated that for this high res display to work seamlessly a more powerful GPU would be required and as said it would require more battery life to operate such a bright and crisp display. They also pointed at large file sizes to cater such superior textures. This means that Apple would have to lift the file size restrictions on games and apps in its store.