iOS 5.1 Lock Screen Camera Slider Has A Major Security Flaw

iOS 5.1 Lock Screen Camera Slider Has A Major Security Flaw

Alongside the launch of its most anticipated iPad iteration, Apple also introduced iOS 5.1 update. It comes with fresh features that include Siri support for Japanese language, most demanded of all, the ability to delete selected photos once they are uploaded to photostream and a new lock screen slider shortcut for the camera app.

The new shortcut makes it even easier to access the camera app, all you have to do is to slide the camera icon to the top edge, and in one single swipe the lock screen is smoothly replaced by the camera app. Once in place this allows users to take quick shots and access the photo library that is supposed to display the photos only taken in this session. The library can be accessed by swiping to the right or pressing the icon in the left bottom corner.

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Now this is where it gets interesting, the lock feature is supposed to protect your privacy while providing the utility where your friends can pick up the phone to take some quick shots without prying into your privacy. But this new feature has some shortcomings of its own. The library that should only display the photos taken in this session actually lists all the photos present in the library irrespective of the date and time. Furthermore, once in the library if you press the home button , you are presented with the home screen which renders the phone completely accessible by anyone.

If you are concerned about your privacy, don’t upgrade to iOS 5.1 just yet.

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