Google To Introduce Its Very Own ‘Assistant’ To Rival Apple’s Siri

Google To Introduce Its Very Own 'Assistant' To Rival Apple's Siri
Image courtesy of Gizmodo

Last October when Apple launched Siri as an accompaniment to it’s iPhone 4S, the tech world has been on its feet, amazed by the practicality and quality of this amazing utility. Since then Android fans have been reporting of such a system being under development at Google for its Android operated smartphones.

Although its not confirmed officially by the search giant, a tip from an unnamed insider says that Google’s own version of the Siri assistant might be released later this year which may bring joy to Android fans the world over.

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Image courtesy of Gizmodo

Google is planning to release its ‘Assistant’ by the fourth quarter this year, says the anonymous source. Unlike Siri, the feature would be personalized and would make use of the company’s data collection tools, and with their new changed privacy policy all Google services can collaborate and share information to bring a more personalized web experience to its users.

The report further states that this voice operated utility would make use of this capability to better interact with its users and presence of such capabilities would take it one step ahead of Siri which would be “less about returning search results and more about accomplishing real-life goals”.

Apple has been very keen at publicizing its voice command application which consequently became very popular with it’s user, one reason being its quality while the other being the hype created before its launch. But one thing, Siri does for sure is to make voice control a fun and enjoyable experience where users don’t have to remember mechanized commands like ‘Create Memo: do grocery on way back’ rather they can interact in a more human friendly manner like ‘Remind me to do grocery on the way back’. Other than that users can ask for nearby restaurants, locations, weather forecasts, share prices etc.

So the question then arises, will Google be able to beat this state of the art voice control utility? One can only hope as they also plan to provide an API for the ‘Assistant’ application to let developers make better use of this functionality. Unless it’s finally out there, Android fans can only pray and keep their fingers crossed.