Apple Planning To Launch A 5-Inch Device With Retina Display In 2013

Apple Planning To Launch A 5-Inch Device With Retina Display In 2013

Rumors about weird gadgets being developed by Apple keep popping up from time to time. Many of these devices are too odd to be true and we ignore them completely but when it comes from a credible source like Macotakara, a Japanese Apple blog, that has proved its credibility in the past, we can’t just simply turn our eyes away.

The latest rumor based on unknown Chinese sources claims that Apple is working on a new mobile device that is supposed to support a five inch Retina Display with specific resolutions of 1600×960 pixels or 1280×960 pixels with a launch date set somewhere in 2013.

A device with such size specs coming from Apple sounds pretty unbelievable as Apple is about to launch a new iPhone in the near future so it can’t be an iPhone, an iPad is around 9.7 inches with rumors of a 7-inch version in development as we reported earlier, so it can’t be an iPad either. If anything it can be a blown-up version of the iPod touch that currently supports a 3.5 inch display with a resolution of 640×960 pixels.

But then again this would be an illogical move on company’s behalf as they like to maintain a cheaper selling point with this mini-me version of the iPhone just without the phone bit.

On the other hand could it be that Apple is following Samsung’s lead who has achieved quite a bit of success with its Samsung Galaxy Note, fitting in well between the smartphone and tablet market. Its impossible for them not to pay attention to Samsung’s five-million shipment milestone which can cause them to enter this new market segment discovered by their strongest competitor.

All in All a 5-inch device coming from the folks at Cupertino seems highly unlikely but what do you think of such a device? Let us know in the comments if you think it might actually be a good product after all.