Angry Birds Space, Bags 10 Million Downloads In Less Than 3 Days

Angry Birds Space, Bags 10 Million Downloads In Less Than 3 Days

So many of you might already have finished the latest version of the moloved bird slinging time killer, Angry Birds Space, by Rovio that was released last Friday.

Unsurprisingly enough, a tweet by its makers this morning claimed of 10 million downloads of the space themed game in less than 3 days. The previous version Angry Birds Rio that was launched in March 2011 took 10 days to cross the 10 million mark.

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The latest version brings new elements to the gameplay like the gravity of different planets that can be employed to play trick shots with clever trajectories to kill all those unsuspecting pigs. There are a total of 60 levels but fans are already asking for more levels as most of them finished the space version over the weekend. Although the game already has extra content and special levels that pay homage to cult games like Super Mario Brothers, Space Invaders and breakout, the company has promised to release free updates and challenging levels pretty soon.

The game is currently launched for all iOS and Android devices as well as the PC and Mac platform — sadly Windows Phone users are left out on all the fun. Rovio has plans to release the game for Windows phone pretty soon.

The game is priced from $0.99 with a new ad free version for Android and upto $6 for Windows PC plus there is also a freebie version with limited levels.