Android Gains Up On Apple’s Tablet Market Share, Thanks To Kindle Fire

Android Gains Up On Apple's Tablet Market Share, Thanks To Kindle Fire

We are all aware of Apple’s recent sale boom and mind blowing revenue it generated just by its iPad product line. We also know that Android wasn’t as fast as expected to gain on market upon its release in the tablet market. But IDC‘s recent report of tablet sales and market share brings out surprising facts that are enough to give an encouraging pat on Android’s back.

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Quite unexpectedly the report states that although Apple is experiencing record sales its market share has declined. The figures fell from 61.5 % in Q3 to 54.7% in Q4 which is accredited to Amazon’s success with its Kindle Fire tablet. The Cupertino company shipped 15.4 million iPads in Q4, a sizable increase from 11.1 million units in Q3, which makes it the market leader with Amazon catching upto the second place with the shipment of 4.7 million units on its debut, grabbing a hold of 16.8% market share. With Samsung being the third largest manufacturer on the list by increasing from 5.5% in Q3 to 5.8% in Q4.

Important thing to note here is the overall market gained by Android which rose from 32.3% in Q3 to 44.6 % in Q4 and IDC believes that it will continue to increase so much so that they predict it would overtake Apple in by 2015, although they expect the fruit company to be the leading revenue generator at least by the end of 2016.

Rest of the operating systems seem to stay under the radar uptil 2016 according to IDC forecasts, which paint a gloomy picture for  Microsoft whose all set to launch its brand new Windows 8 OS specially targeted at tablets.