Android 6.0 Could Be Called ‘Key Lime Pie’

Android 6.0 Could Be Called 'Key Lime Pie'

It is a bizarre world we tech enthusiasts live in, always prying, probing, craving for pieces of latest tech or gadget news, sometimes to extent where people have already started speculating about Android 6.0’s name, even when Android 5.0 hasn’t been released yet. I don’t know if it is customer loyalty, fan following or simple love of the company that has pushed speculators to the verge of guessing the sugary dessert themed name of the 6th iteration of Google’s trend changing OS while we are yet to see a public release of it’s 5th iteration codenamed ‘Jelly bean‘.

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The same sources who came up with the ‘Jelly Bean’ name for the previous version and have been luckily proved correct are again responsible for creating hearsay about Google choosing a lime pie as the desert to base it’s next name upon. To be specific, sources are hinting at ‘Key Lime Pie’ to be the exact name for the update that is supposed to be released somewhere in late 2013.

The name conforms to Google’s tradition of naming the updates as tasty deserts, which has already brought out versions named Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and currently running Ice Cream Sandwich. Thus in accordance to the alphabetical order after the upcoming ‘Jelly Bean’, the next letter of choice is ‘K’.

We cannot say for sure if it would be ‘Key Lime Pie’ but after the abbreviation ICS (IceCream Sandwich) became very popular, Google might actually go for it, as KLP sounds pretty catchy too.