A History Of Hacktivism [INFOGRAPHIC]

A History Of Hacktivism [INFOGRAPHIC]

Not many of us know this but there are two types of hackers. One that perform ethical hacking while others have no morals at all when they commit cyber crimes for money and other personal gains. Hacktivists are also hackers that breach cyber-security because of a political or social cause but their morality and adherence to ethical practices remain undefined.

Hacktivism reached its peak in 2011 when it accounted for the majority of Cyber crimes in the states last year as reported by 2012 Verzion Data Breach Investigation. The report claimed that out of the 174 million cyber crimes in 2011, hacktivism accounted for a 100 million of these crimes.

According to an FBI agent, Shawn Henry, cyber criminals have become too powerful for the government to stop. He called the current methods of preventing cyber attacks employed by the U.S  ‘unsustainable’.

An infographic by Frugal Dad takes a look at the history of hacktivism and how it came to be known as the virtual weapon.

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