This Is Why iPhone 4 Will Never Get Siri Officially

This Is Why iPhone 4 Will Never Get Siri Officially

So, it’s official now that Apple iPhone 4 is incapable of running Siri as the phones chip is unable to handle it, Chip Chap, an analyst at the Linley Group said so.

This is a huge blow to all iPhone 4 users hoping to receive an upgrade to Siri.

Linley Gwennap discovered this piece of secret of the latest A5 chip used in Apple iPhone 4S, according to which, A4 chip used in Apple iPhone 4 lacks the ability to differenciate voices and eliminate background sounds in real time which A5 chip used in Apple iPhone 4S can. This particular quality enhances conversations sound quality.

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The new technology used in Apple iPhone 4S is quite critical for new phones as it eradicates background noises making sound quality top notch. In absence of noise reduction, this very “Siri” would be unusable amidst moderate background noise.

Moreover, users of Apple iPhone 4 requires users to hold their cellphones to their mouth while speaking whereas iPhone 4S a lot more consistent audio quality irrespective of where the phone is held and used.

Whilst another section of tech gurus opine that, all of these are nothing but a business strategy deriving from the heads Apple guys so that they continue ripping off the customers.

Finally, what we can say is that, absence of latest Audience technology has led Siri to not available on the iPhone 4.

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