Twitter App For Android And iPhone Gets Refurbished, Brings Back Swipe Gesture, Copy/Paste For Tweets, And More

Twitter App For Android And iPhone Gets Refurbished, Brings Back Swipe Gesture, Copy/Paste For Tweets, And More

Usually app updates are not so hot to be covered in a separate post but when it comes to Twitter and the amazing changes it has made to its Android and iPhone app, we couldn’t just ignore the news. Yes, Twitter has gone ahead and revamped its app for both mobile platforms, surprisingly enough the social network brought some great old features back to life specifically for its iPhone users. However, Android users might not get much in the way of updates but luckily enough it has been optimized to run smoothly on devices running the Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Moreover it has established support for Amazon’s Kindle Fire and on February 23rd users of Barnes and Nobles Nook and Nook Colour would also be able to officially tweet from their devices.

First lets take a look at the updates common to both mobile users and we start with the swipe short-cut that twitter has finally brought back. This feature lets users reply, favourite, share or view the tweeter’s profile by swiping a tweet in the home timeline, allowing user’s never to leave their own timeline’s for all this.

It has also made finding friends easy with the “Find Friends” update that alerts the users when they upload their contacts and phone numbers that they can find which one of their friends are on Twitter using the uploaded contact information.

Coming to the iOS specific updates, the dandy “Copy and Paste” feature is back allowing users to just press and hold any tweet text or user profile to copy them. “Link Love” named fresh feature enables users to not only share the link found with-in a tweet but can now also save it to be read later where users can turn it on under the advanced settings option called “Read It Later”.

Pressing and holding the link also provides the option of opening it in Safari. Furthermore “Direct Messages” lets you mark all messages as either read or unread with a single tap and the lucky chaps with iDevices can also change the Font sizes.

Download Links:

Download Twitter for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link]
Download Twitter for Android [Market Link]