Top 10 Ways To Find Better Answers Online

Top 10 Ways To Find Better Answers Online 1

Majority of the people go online to find answers to various queries. Even though there are many search engines including Google to help us find the right answers, there are many other ways of finding information online too. Have a look at the Top 10 ways to find better answers online.

1. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha,Wolfram Alpha logo,logo Wolfram Alpha

Even though the information that Wolfram Alpha provides is limited, but you will find some really unique and interesting information here. The data and calculation which it provides can be hardly found in any other search engine. You can perform a variety of task using Wolfram Alapha including analyzing your health, planning your budget, or improving your relationships.

2. Wikipedia

Wikipedia logo, wikipedia, Wikipedia logo

Wikipedia is the most popular source to look for information after Google. You will find a great pool of information in this site and it includes various topics. Even though you can’t ask for specific information and the content there is not necessarily true, still it is a hit among web searchers.

3. Aardvark

Aardvark,Aardvark search engine,search engine Aardvark,Aardvark logo,Aardvark search

This is another popular choice of web searchers. Whatever you want to ask you just need to type it in Aardvark and you will get answer within seconds. It’s fast, easy to use and free and these things make it really good.

4. eHow

ehow logo,eHow logo,eHow,logo eHow

It is among the most popular directories that is offering you a wealth of information on almost every subject. Even though it offers answers of a limited “how” questions, you will be impressed by a wide range of articles you will find here.

5. Quora

Quora,Quora logo,logo Quora

Quora offers you some really nice and simple answers when it comes to answering questions. It makes use of the big internet community to exchange information and answers. It is among recent addition to the online world but it is quite promising.

6. Ezine Articles

Ezine Articles,Ezine Articles logo,logo Ezine Articles,logo Ezine

With more than a million articles in its database, ezine is something which everyone looks for when they want answer to their questions. Like few other sites, it doesn’t provide answers to specific questions but will ensure that none of your questions are left unanswered.

7. Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers,Yahoo Answers logo,Yahoo Answers,logo Yahoo Answers

You will find some of the most well written and clear answers at this website. The popularity of this platform has increased over the years and internet users are healing each other to find answers to various queries.

8. Social Networking Sites

facebook, twitter,twitter logo,facebook logo

Social networking sites like facebook and twitter are perfect for looking for information. They are not just only for interaction and communication but can also be used to find answers to specific questions. Since millions of people use social networking websites daily, you will surely find the answer you are looking for.

9. Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go,ddg logo,logo ddg,Duck Duck Go logo,logo Duck Duck Go

This is among the most refined and clever search engine. With just a few clicks you will get to access all the information that you are looking for. You can even generate accounts and passwords using this service.

10. Ask Metafilter

Ask Metafilter,Ask Metafilter logo,logo Ask Metafilter,Ask Metafilter

This service is pretty much like Yahoo Answers and other similar services. All you need to do is to just post the question and others users will provide you answer. You might not like the interface of this but it will provide you with some really good content.