Top 10 Tricks For Dealing With Email Overload

Top 10 Tricks For Dealing With Email Overload

People spend a lot of their time in sending and receiving mails. The concept of email has brought a revolution in the field of communication. The productivity and flow of information has increased considerably over the last few years and so is the number of email users. Email is fast, easy and readily available and this is the reason why it is popular than any other mode of communication. However, the ease of sending mails has lead to circulation of irrelevant and unimportant mails that leads to email overload in the inbox. Here are Top 10 tricks for dealing with email overload.

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1. Unsubscribe from Irrelevant Email

You need to optimize the mails that are coming in. There are many services that allow you to unsubscribe for the irrelevant and promotional mails. These mails end up eating a lot of space in your inbox.

2. Filtration of mails

It’s not that every mail is important and you have to read it as soon as it arrives. Thus, you need to filter out the important messages and prioritize your inbox. There are many tools to help you out with this.

3. Clear Spam Folder

You need to empty the spam folder often from your mail. Majority of the times, spam folders ends up eating a lot of space and these mails are also of no use to you. Thus, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

4. Use RSS Feeds

Many people opt for newsletters and updates in emails and you might get several mails in day informing you about the various updates. However, RSS feeds provide you with a great alternative to these subscriptions.

5. Try sending only relevant emails

It’s a thumb rule that more emails you will send, the more you will receive. Thus, before you send any mail think about its priority and relevance. If it’s possible to use IM then why send a mail.

6. Make Use of Search Feature

Finding a mail amongst hundreds of mail in the inbox has become much easier and this is all thanks to the great search feature that you will find in almost every mail now.

7. Opt for Text Expansion

Text expansion is relatively a new concept that helps to save a lot of time. It helps to automate your typing. With just the help of few keys you will be able to create and send your mail across recipients.

8. Make Archive

Majority of the mails allows you to create files and folders. This helps in making archives and will help you to sort the mails. It becomes almost essential to make archive when you are receiving many mails in a day.

9. Think before writing

Many a times it happens that you forget to write something in mail and then you have to send another one. Thus, think before you write. It’s better to think and write content rather than sending two three mails on the same subject.

10. Manage your mail when you are on vacation

When you are out for vacations then you can opt for automated replies informing the sender about your unavailability. This feature is highly useful for you if you are a frequent traveler.