Top 10 Themes for Windows 7 — 2012

Top 10 Themes for Windows 7 — 2012

Windows 7 is among the most popular window ever introduced. This version of windows is really powerful and offers a lot of features to the users. You will find hundreds of themes for Windows 7 which consist of scheme, desktop icons, background, mouse pointers and desktop slideshow. Moreover, you will find a new interface in the control panel, which provide you the option to switch between the various themes. Have a look at the best 10 themes for Windows 7 for the year 2012.

1. Bullets Asylum Windows 7 Theme

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This theme reflects the power of bullets and explosions. Even though the logic behind it is not very good, still you will be impressed by the graphics. It has been downloaded by millions of people worldwide.

2. Beautiful Birds Windows 7 Theme

Beautiful Birds theme for windows 7,Beautiful Birds theme,Beautiful Birds windows 7,Beautiful Birds windows 7 theme,windows 7 theme Beautiful Birds

Enjoy seeing some of the most beautiful peacocks, swans as well as various exotic birds and make your desktop more colorful with this gorgeous theme.

3. City Lights Window 7 Theme

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This is a great theme which you should have on your desktop. You will see the gorgeous sky line of Seattle and Vancouver at night in this theme. It looks brilliant on your desktop.

4. Surreal Territory Windows 7 Theme

Surreal Territory theme for windows 7,Surreal Territory theme,Surreal Territory windows 7,Surreal Territory windows 7 theme,windows 7 theme Surreal Territory

If you desire of a futuristic life then do download this theme for your desktop as it will help to give you an outlook of the space. You should capture some of the magic of space on your desktop.

5. Ferrari Windows 7 Theme

Ferrari theme for windows 7,Ferrari theme,Ferrari windows 7,Ferrari windows 7 theme,windows 7 theme Ferrari

Experience some of the world’s fastest cars on your desktop. Ferrari Windows 7 Theme is dedicated to all motorsports fan. This Windows 7 theme is created due to huge demand of the internet users. This theme is not only liked by kids, but also by adults.

6. Wolves Windows 7 Theme

Wolves theme for windows 7,Wolves theme,Wolves windows 7,Wolves windows 7 theme,windows 7 theme Wolves

This theme is all about the amazing wolves that are found in almost all parts of the world. You will simply love the sound effects of this theme. It comprises of dense jungles and wild wolves.

7. LoveBirds Windows 7 Theme

LoveBirds theme for windows 7,LoveBirds theme,LoveBirds windows 7,LoveBirds windows 7 theme,windows 7 theme LoveBirds

Life is all about love and this is depicted in an excellent manner in this theme. You will find several appealing images in these themes and the background looks really romantic. Thus, bring a romantic dash to your desktop by downloading this theme.

8. Fresh Fruit Windows 7 Theme

Fresh Fruit theme for windows 7,Fresh Fruit theme,Fresh Fruit windows 7,Fresh Fruit windows 7 theme,windows 7 theme Fresh Fruit

It is a fun theme and suites people who want to be healthy. The background of this time consists of various colorful fruits that appeal to you. You will also find sound, icon and some brilliant wallpaper in this theme.

9. Windows Live Clouds Windows 7 Theme

Windows Live Clouds theme for windows 7,Windows Live Clouds theme,Windows Live Clouds windows 7,Windows Live Clouds windows 7 theme,windows 7 theme Windows Live Clouds

It is a simple and sober theme which looks apt on every desktop, no matter large or small. It shows storm clouds, mountain mornings and some other scenic imagery, which will surely impress you a lot.

10. NASA Hidden Universe Windows 7 Theme

NASA Hidden Universe theme for windows 7,NASA Hidden Universe theme,NASA Hidden Universe windows 7,NASA Hidden Universe windows 7 theme,windows 7 theme NASA Hidden Universe

It is probably one of the best themes in the year 2012. When you will look at the desktop, you will feel as if you are living in 2050. It is a futuristic theme that will impress you to a great extent.