Top 10 iPhone Apps For Web Designers

Top 10 iPhone Apps For Web Designers

When web designers are not glued to their computers, they still have to be able to communicate with clients and check aspects of their work. With the right iPhone apps designers can do more than just check progress – there are now some amazing solutions to support them. Here is a list of Top 10 iPhone apps for web designers.

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1. SEO Pro

This app lets designers track the progress of domains by viewing some of the page rank factors from Yahoo, Google and others. Traffic to websites is based on keywords and this is a useful app for finding out how a domain is progressing – it has options like keyword density, SEM and ranking. As the monitoring capacity is unlimited, it is also possible to track sites developed by competitors. (Download Link)

2. Ego

Ego monitors real-time statistics and helps web designers determine how their clients locate them, making it possible to target advertising to the right places. Checking website statistics can help designers determine how well their marketing strategy is working. (Download Link)

3. Read & Note

This provides a full screen browser that designers can take notes on, and on which they can copy and post text from webpages. There is capacity to upload files, bookmark sites and share documents – altogether a very valuable asset for web designers. (Download Link)

4. WhatTheFont

An ingenious app, this works just like the version on desktop or touch screen laptop. If a designer spots a font they like, they can take a picture of it and upload it to MyFonts, which will identify the font and offer them the option to purchase it. (Download Link)

5. Color Expert

This is a powerful app with a number of useful features. The camera allows colours to be captured and emailed, for example, to clients; a colour search can be carried out using Pantone colours and then customised or matched with others to produce and showcase the designer’s preferred palette. (Download Link)

6. FTP On The Go

Maintain sites from an iPhone – edit files and check changes quickly and easily. With this app it is possible to view, update and upload files from any location, saving time and providing a way to instantly fix any problems. (Download Link)

7. Web Developer Bible

As might be expected, this provides a source of useful references for web developers and includes a hex colour converter, CSS code sheets and references for HTML. There is no need to commit codes to memory, as they can easily be located using this app. (Download Link)

8. ServersMan

ServersMan allows an iPhone with internet connectivity to become a server, letting web designers gain access via a computer to the information saved on the phone. It works using the webDAV protocol and more than one connection at a time can be made, so multiple access to the iPhone ‘server’ is possible. (Download Link)

9. Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop is great for working with photos – editing and altering them to suit. This companion app will allow designers to upload and view their pictures directly from their iPhone. This means an entire photo library can be available without the need to use up a large chunk of the iPhone’s memory. (Download Link)

10. Brand Republic Jobs

Finally, staying organised can be tricky for a busy web designer and this app aims to help by keeping track of the details of different jobs, including the agreed hourly rate, which client the work is for, how long the work has taken, and the fees applicable. (Download Link)