Top 10 Gadgets For Aged People

Top 10 Gadgets For Aged People 1

Everyone loves gadgets – they make modern life more convenient, efficient and fun. Seniors can sometimes be late adopters because of what they are and how they work are sometimes very foreign to this age group. However, there are many gadgets that can make the life of a senior much more enjoyable. Consider one of these instead of that tenth blue scarf next time Grandma’s birthday rolls around.

1. eReader

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It may take some convincing initially, but the vast majority of seniors introduced to an e-reader love it. Demonstrate increasing the font, buying a book and finding free books, perhaps at your local library. Write out the directions for some of these tasks initially, so they can refer to them rather than the online instructions.

2. Electric Corkscrew

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Opening a bottle can become difficult as people age. Electric corkscrews take the work out of this task, and many of them use rechargeable batteries for less electronic waste.

3. Velcro Cable Ties

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Tripping and falling are a major cause of injury in seniors. Cable ties keep hazards out of the way, but the standard ones are too difficult to remove. Velcro cable ties are an inexpensive way to keep cables safely aside, yet removing them requires very little strength.

4. Direct-Delivery Printers

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All-in-one printers now come with a unique email address. The advantage for seniors is that your message can go directly to the printer rather than to the computer, which may not get turned on for days. It works like a fax machine, but with no need for seniors to turn it on.

5. Digital Camera

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Your parents or grandparents may still be using film. Find an inexpensive, easy-to-use digital version with large controls. Spend time explaining the basics of its use and offer to show how to upload the photos, or offer to do it yourself when you come over.

6. GPS Navigation

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Seniors are often very good drivers, but tend to go to the same places over and over, and can get confused when attempting to navigate to new locations. A GPS unit will get them safely there and back, and provide you with additional reassurance.

7. MP3 Player/iPod

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Today’s MP3 players can do so much more than just music. They can hold music, photos, videos and audio books, all of which are convenient when waiting for medical or other appointments.

8. Collapsible Cane

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Collapsing to just a few inches, these products can remain discretely in a pocket or purse and only come out at the end of a long day or while on a tour.

9. Collapsible Seat

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A similar idea as the collapsible cane, these are ideal for the senior who wants to travel but perhaps can’t stand all day. Lightweight and foldable, some even come with a folding cane included.

10. Jar, Can and Bottle Opener

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These simple gadgets make opening things much easier, allowing more independence for the senior you love.