Top 10 Best Arcade Games for Android

Top 10 Best Arcade Games for Android 1

The popularity of Android phones is increasing like anything these days — mostly because of mobile web design-ing and developing Android apps, that is the reason why almost all the mobile phone manufacturers are coming out with android based phones. These phones are fast and efficient. Also, you will find thousands of apps and games available for these phones. Have a look at the Top 10 best arcade video games for Android.

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1. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja,Fruit Ninja android,android Fruit Ninja

It is a fun training game. In this game, you have to cut fruits in ninja style and try to become a professional fruit killer. There are many variants of the game, with the latest being Fruit Ninja Kaka. You have to be quick, fast and precise to win this one. (Download Link)

2. World War

World War,World War android,android World War,World War game,World War android game

It is a fun and adventurous game, which you will surely enjoy playing. You have to battle your opponent and win the war. If you are looking for a game that involves lot of actions and good graphics, then it is must play for you. (Download Link)

3. Robo Defense

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This game is an excellent tower defense game. It games consists of 11 levels of difficulty and with each level the difficulty rises. (Download Link)

4. PapiJump

PapiJump,PapiJump android,PapiJump game,PapiJump game android

This game is a simple and easy to play game. However, when you start playing it, you will surely become addictive. This is basically a jumping game that requires you to move from one platform to another. (Download Link)

5. iMobsters

iMobsters,iMobsters android,iMobsters for android,iMobsters android games,android iMobsters

This game is has got a lot of big fans. In this one, you start as a petty thief and you have to become a mafia supreme. You have to perform various tasks to achieve this status. The graphics and background of this game are excellent. (Download Link)

6. Vampires Live

Vampires Live,Vampires Live android,android Vampires Live,Vampires Live game android

Vampires are not favorites, still in this game you have to become the most powerful vampire. However, it’s not easy as there are many difficult levels which you need to cross in order to become the vampire lord. (Download Link)

7. Dante: The Inferno game

Dante,Dante android,android Dante,Dante: The Inferno game android,android Dante: The Inferno game

This game will guarantee you hours and hours of fun. With decent design, music as well as dialogue, this game is among the best available online. (Download Link)

8. Flying High

It is one of the finest flying arcade games that you will find on the web. This game consists of two modes, in one you have to fly in survival mode, whereas in other you have to complete various stunts. Flying High promises a lot of action to the players. (Download Link)

9. Paper Toss

Paper Toss,Paper Toss android,android Paper Toss,Paper Toss for android

This game is oddly satisfying . . . much like tossing a real ball of crumpled paper into a metal trash basket. So realistic, you will think you are stuck in an office killing time. It also has 6 levels of varied difficulty, which makes this game even more exciting. (Download Link)

10. Spirit

Spirit android,android Spirit,Spirit game for android,Spirit for android,Spirit android game

It is another arcade game in which you have to survive and kill your enemies. You have to trap them in a field and then take them down. Your goal is to make bigger circles and rope in as many enemies as you can. (Download Link)