Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do With Text

Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do With Text

You must be using text almost every day, but hardly you pay any attention to it. There are many tools and services that will help you to manage text and even make it more interesting. The top 10 awesome things you can do with text are:

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1. Make Web Page Text More Readable

You will see that there are some web pages that are full of irrelevant ads and images and there are times when you have to just read the text. You should use various tools and services to make the text on these web pages more readable.

2. Use Command Line to Make Changes

You can easily make changes to the web pages and desktop applications with basic text operations, but when more complex and large scale editing is required then you have to make use of command line. You can use command line for taking notes, replacing text and managing to-do list etc.

3. Dealing with Unwanted Formatting

Majority of the people use the copy & paste feature for completing various tasks. However, the text gets altered when you copy it from a web page and paste it in a document. Thus, you need to use tools like PlainClip and Text Scrubber, which will surely get you rid of this problem.

4. Use Text Expansion

This tool offers you a shortcut to type text. It allows you to type short words which will automatically expand to their original wordings. This will help to save a lot of time and is a must have for bloggers. However, you need to learn using these tools.

5. Fun with ASCII

You must have heard about ASCII before. This is a text character coding language. You can use this for fun as it allows you to access plenty of fun features.

6. Extract Text from PDF Files

You cannot just copy the text from the PDF and paste it anywhere. The copied text from PDF files is stored in clipboard only. However, you can use the PDF Text Online if you are looking for just simple and plain text. All you need to do is to upload the file and wait for the result.

7. Dealing with Fonts

Since there are hundreds of fonts styles available to you, it becomes quite difficult to choose the most appropriate one. To deal with this, you need to take help of tools like Identifont and WhatFontIs to make the things easier for you.

8. Synchronize the Text

Since you use a quite a few electronic devices in a day ranging from tablets to desktops to smartphones, it is preferred that you keep the data in sync in various devices. Synchronizing makes the files readily available to you whenever you need them.

9. Text in an Image Form

You will often face difficulty in editing text, as it may have been in an image format. To convert the images based text into an editing form you need to look for various optical character recognition or text recognition tool.

10. Batch Renaming Made Easy

Batch renaming is not something that you do every day. However, when it is required to be done then you have to seek help of some batch renaming tool as doing it manually will lead to wastage of time and energy. You will come across many batch renaming tools available for Windows as well as Mac.