This Is Why Android Phone Updates Take So Long

This Is Why Android Phone Updates Take So Long

Waiting for software updates is one agonizing fact and owners of Android devices are no different to this fact. The latest version of Android i.e. Ice Cream Sandwich was announced in the month of December and since then just a couple of devices have Ice Cream Sandwich on it.

In this regard Christy Wyatt, SVP & CEO of Enterprise Business Unit of Motorola has an interesting angle about the delay in getting Android updates.

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According to Christy, other than Google devices rest of the phone manufacturers are finding it difficult to write codes that supports their respective hardware.

When Google releases a software they do them only for devices which they directly manufacture. Rest of the devices don’t get unless new codes are written for them. Different chip-sets and various radio frequency bands for different countries are two of the major issues behind this delay.

So it is all Google‘s fault!

Motorola is one of the pioneers to dive themselves in detail about the whole process to upgrade to Android 4.0 and according to the company the process is surely not a simple one.

In spite of all these negativity, the future of Android on is looking bright as Motorola CEO Wyatt seems pretty enthusiastic regarding Android 4.0 update.

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