SIRI To Accompany The New Mercedes Benz A Class

SIRI To Accompany The New Mercedes Benz A Class

Mercedes has always faced problems with its voice recognition software in the built-in infotainment system. Drivers would get frustrated over using a simple voice command such as dialling a contact’s number. Well, things are going to change now (read: Dramatic Change). Mercedes have now decided to integrate Apple’s personal assistant SIRI into its latest vehicle electronics platform called COMMAND.

Now drivers can sit back and concentrate on their driving while Siri intelligently interacts with them. They can check stock prices, weather forecasts, traffic patterns, dial calls, open up apps etc. Initially, the feature would be available in the A-class — Mercedes’ least expensive product line.

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A demonstration of this ground-breaking platform would be given at the upcoming Geneva motor show, next month. The integrated model would be available in U.K and Europe as a whole at first, but Mercedes promises to launch it with such a system in U.S soon. It will later on present it in the more expensive B-, C-, and E- classes by this fall.

The company will also launch a DriveStyle App on the Apple app store  which will allow complete integration of the iPhone with the car’s electronic platform. Allowing users to vocally connect with Facebook and Twitter reading posts and statuses aloud through the cars audio while Garmin Navigation system will provide directions.

Consider it a co-incidence but Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs also loved these beautiful machines who drove a silver Mercedes SL55 AMG. He would have been proud to see this collaboration between his favourite car brand and his fabulous creation.

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