Siri Accounts For Almost 25% Of Wolfram Alpha Queries

According to a latest report published today, almost 25% of Wolfram Alpha queries comes from Apple’s personal assistant Siri. WA is knowledge base search engine used by Siri to answer questions like “What planes are flying overhead”. Considering Siri is just over 4 months old, this is quite an achievement.

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Created by a renowned software designer and entrepreneur, Dr. Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram Alpha is different from other search engines (like Bing, Ask, Google etc.) as it doesn’t go on web to look for search results rather searches it’s very own database in order to find the answers to the queries made. It is also capable of generating charts and extracts giving this search engine great deal of authenticity.

The latest version of this search engine hit the web on Wednesday afternoon. The premium version is on offer at $4.99/month and at $2.99/month for the students.

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