Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 10.1 At Mobile World Congress 2012

Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 10.1 At Mobile World Congress 2012

Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona, seems all the news lines are just connected to this city the host of MWC 2012 (Mobile World Congress). One such headline pouring in from the event is Samsung’s announcement of its stylus operated touch tablet the Galaxy Note 10.1. It has become clear now that Samsung is going to split its product line into two. With tablets that don’t support a stylus pen being named ‘Tab’ while those that do are prefixed with ‘Note’.

The dandy piece of modern tech is equipped with a dual core 1.4 Ghz processor, 2 mega-pixel front camera for video conferencing, 3 mega-pixel rear camera and 64 GB of internal storage. For those with keen observation this is the third tablet in Samsung’s 2012 product line-up announced with Android 4.0 a.k.a Ice Cream Sandwich.

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The latest slate comes with major improvements. The screen now comes with more levels of pressure sensitiveness than the previous tab. It makes it easier to draw lines of different weights and makes drawing a joyful experience. It is packed with some S-pen operated apps such as S-calendar and Notes. Adobe’s much awaited PhotoShop Touch app and Ideas apps are also included.

The newer version also comes with virtual eraser — it now incorporates better text recognition and specialised Formula recognition tools are also available. A special “Shape Assistance” tool is added for those of us who cant even draw shapes to be recognised as something meaningful.

The split screen feature provides an enjoyable multi-tasking experience and is really helpful to students, columnists, writers and researchers. It lets users to open up an app such as a web browser on one half of the screen while leaving the rest alone where users can for instance jot down notes reading from the browser.

Samsung also wants to entice corporate clients into buying this Note Tab by integrating Exchange ActiveSync support, on device encryption, and Cisco and Juniper Junos Pulse VPN support. And if some one wants to use such a huge device for navigational purposes it is also equipped with both GPS and Glonass. Other features include HD video, microSD card slot for enhancing storage, ability to work with Wacom pens and HSPA+.

There is no news yet on pricing or availability of Galaxy Tab 10.1. We will update you as soon as we get more information.