New iPad 3 Concept Shows Edge To Edge Screen, Retina Display And Lots Of Other Cool Stuff [VIDEO]

New iPad 3 Concept Shows Edge To Edge Screen, Retina Display And Lots Of Other Cool Stuff [VIDEO]

All those speculations for months about the launch date for Apple’s next gen tablet have finally been put to rest by the company itself as it turned the rumour to real news by announcing 7th of March as a release date for iPad 3. The invitations sent to the press for the San-Francisco based event contained a iPad 3 tablet design in them. The writing said ” We have something you really have to see. And touch.” As strange as it gets, the device had no ‘Home button’ as can be seen on any iDevice, may it be a iPad 2, any iPhone or iPod touch.

Aatma studios, a San-Francisco based 3D animation and design firm has yet again come up with a superb concept video for upcoming iPad. They have previously released awesome concept videos of iPhone 5. This time they have taken the no home button idea one step further into a complete mocked-up device.

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The video set in real life and not some 3D animated graphics, starts by showcasing a iPad 3 device that has no-home button. This raises the question, how would we wake the device up? The solution presented in the video is a tap at the centre of the screen but Apple wouldn’t settle for such a lousy control. Moving on, it then goes to show an edge to edge Retina display, that displays high res images from one end of the device to the other — seems like people at Aatma really caught the idea “…Something you really have to see…”

Next up is the intriguing NFC (Near Field Communication) concept where another iPad 3 is placed next to the previously shown device and the display immediately extends to the newly added slate. Both the devices strongly lock together with the help of magnets and can later be seen picked up with one device hanging onto the other while the display still keeps going.

Towards the end, the concept got more majestic and exhibits my personal favourite holographic imaging concept alongside on surface projected controls, where two owners play a football game using the length of two devices as the field and control some popped up holographic players through projected controls on the sides of the tablets. Though this concept still won’t make it to the top 10 cool stuff of the future, we just love the imagination behind it and would one day love to see it in reality.