It seems that every day now before the sunrises a new iPad 3 rumour rises to the scene, immediately becoming the hot topic of discussion, debate and imaginative speculation all around the world. It seems as if history is repeating itself with Apple keeping its mouth shut before the launch of a new product as it always does, paying no heed at all to the rumour mill. Another rumour about leaked parts allegedly belonging to the upcoming tablet, has become highlight of the day.

Repair lab and parts reseller Eye Lab reports (through 9t05mac) that it has got its hands on the alleged back-shell, backplate and dock connector cable of the upcoming tablet. It further reports that these newly found parts matched perfectly with the high resolution LCD panel it discovered earlier this month that was made by Sharp. Therefore it strengthens the speculations that the supposed Retina Display to be infused into the new tablet.

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After a close inspection of the parts and comparing them with iPad 2’s it was found that rumours about Apple housing a bigger battery to support the new higher resolution might be true as these parts are 1 mm thicker then it’s predecessors. The width and height of these panels are almost exactly the same as on iPad 2.

Examining the screw positions and matching the docking positions on the Sharp LCD panel the report went on to say the fact that these positions match up with those on the panel prove that Sharp has developed the panel based for iPad 3. A series of photos published with the report further prove the point where the connector cable and docking point align up exactly with those on the LCD panel.

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Though while examining the camera mounting points it was discovered that they were different than the iPad 2 although the camera hole size remains almost the same when viewed from the outside, differences in mounting positions and hole sizes from inside, hint at an upgrade in the camera which seems plausible as iPad 2 had a very low end camera.

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