What iPad 3’s Retina Display Technology Actually Is

What iPad 3's Retina Display Technology Actually Is

Rumour mill about Apples’ much anticipated iPad 3 are on the run again. For quite a long time now, Apple fans have quenched their thirst of news about Apples’ latest products with rumors of a new and improved iPad to be launched by first week of March.

Talk of a faster processor, better battery, lighter body, improved web cam and a whole load of other improvements that explain the tablet fever that’s been going on all around. With users welcoming all these great improvements, rumours about iPad 3 having a Retina display readily stole the spotlight.

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iPad 1 and 2 both had a native resolution of 1024 x 768 and it was about time that Apple launched an iPad with a much sharper display. Rumours have it that the new iPad 3 will have a QXGA resolution i.e. 2048×1536 across a 9.7″ screen which makes up for a much sharper display than both its predecessors. The reason why every one is going crazy about this rumoured display can be seen in the figure put together by designer Chris koerner.

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It goes to show that the next generation iPad users would be able to enjoy full HD, Blu Ray content and still have pixels left for other content. Plotting such a huge amount of pixels in a 9.7 ” screen area is a great feat in itself but some tech geeks might say otherwise.

Those who are unaware that what a Retina Display actually is should know that it’s a marketing term by Apple used for displays that have a  greater than 300 ppi (pixels per inch) density which is a threshold for a human Retina and supposedly cannot discern differences beyond this pixel density when viewed from a 12 inch distance. So when we compute the pixel density of the rumoured display it comes out to be about 264 ppi, falling a little short of a true Retina Display threshold. Therefore some might think of it as a marketing gag from Apple to call it a Retina Display.

We have time to time published speculated news about Apple products claiming that Sharp has developed this LCD panel of 9.7″ for Apple that is equipped with Cupertino’s trademark Retina display technology.