iPad 3 Already On Its Way To U.S From China [RUMOUR]

iPad 3 Already On Its Way To U.S From China [RUMOUR]

Here we go again with another mouth watering rumour for Apple fans. This is a big one making it certain that iPad 3 might after all be launched in the first of week of March as reported earlier. News just surfaced on the internet that shipments of the latest tablet have already been dispatched to American airports from China.

The source of this news is a leaked shipment document that was first posted at Weibo social network and WeiPhone forums and later on picked up by Apple pro. Highlights of the document suggest that iPad 3 shipments have already left the Foxconn factories in China for three major U.S. airports.

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It further states the company asked for confidentiality at every point of shipment. Weiphone forums reported that extreme security arrangements for this secret cargo were requested, directing cargo movers not to drag the package for long on the airport to be seen by someone.

Thus, these shipment details hint that Apple would actually hold the launch event on 7th March and the company might start the pre-orders from 10th of March as we saw with the first iPad , although iPad 2 was not available for pre-orders.

Additionally we have also heard that in addition to iPad 3 Apple might also launch two of it’s other major products such as the next generation Apple TV boasting a 1080p resolution with Bluetooth 4 priced at around 99$.

While there is no clue what the other product might be. With iPad 2 stocks running low it is certain that its WiFi and WiFi+3G models would be removed from the market and iPad 3 would eventually take its place. With all these reports strengthening our belief of the launch, we just hope that it is more than what we have dreamed of.

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