Facebook Takes Off Tribute Timeline Profile Of Steve Jobs

Facebook Takes Off Tribute Timeline Profile Of Steve Jobs

‘I created this Facebook timeline for all to relive Steve’s amazing life,’ said Simon Lau, an iOS app developer and free lancer from Singapore. It isn’t surprising to see tributes still pouring in after the great innovator and Apple co-founder passed away on Oct 5 2011. The man was suffering from a deadly pancreatic cancer and fought valiantly until his death. It is amazing to see how a single man can touch and inspire so many lives with his innovations and revolutionary ideas that have changed the face of technology.

The most recent tribute was through Facebook and more specifically through the timeline feature which it introduced recently. It lets people tell out their life stories based on a virtual time scale where they can attach the events of their lives as they happened through the course of time.  Mr.Lau did the same for Steve Jobs in order to pay his homage to this outstanding personality who received condolences and words of honour from all over the world.

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Simon established a profile named Stevie Paul Jobs tracing the innovator’s life from his birth till death. Detailing out the events from his adoption by parents Paul and Clara Jobs to present day, making it an online memorial for Jobs. Including the details of many books, t.v. programmes and tributes released since his death.

It took weeks to create such a detailed profile which contains hundreds of videos, pictures and other posts even likes for the things Steve Jobs himself liked such as his favourite band the Beatles or his favourite athlete Wayne Gretsky, a hockey player.

But all this effort proved futile when the profile was taken down by Facebook on Wednesday afternoon. The social network refused to comment stating that it did not provide comments over particular profiles though it is the sites policy to let profiles be established only by real people under original names.