Apple QuickTake — Voice Controlled Concept Camera By Joseph Dumary

Apple QuickTake — Voice Controlled Concept Camera By Joseph Dumary

Ever wondered if Apple decide to design a camera what would it look like? Well, here is the answer. Joseph Dumary, an Apple-fanboy, has created a concept design named “Quicktake” which according to him the company would make if they decide to design a camera of their own.

Quicktake concept looks pretty similar to the Apple iPad, made with glass and recycled aluminium and includes innovative features such as bigger HD display that can be turn around to take self-photos, rotating lens for improved focus and a 32MP camera to capture images (normal + panoramic) as well as 1080p video recording without compression. Other features would include GPS, Wi-Fi, AirPrint, AirPlay, light sensor to adjust screen brightness, one touch zoom and voice control.

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The voice control feature would let users to take photos just by saying “Cheeeeeese!”, select different options, adjust settings, record sound while eliminating unwanted noise around and even focusing on a particular sound while minimizing others.

Dumary claims that it would be the world’s first camera with a rotating lens and Eyefocus+ technology.

The Eyefocus+ can target the person by reproducing the effect of the human eye, (the camera lens can be rotated a few milli-meters to the left and right as human eyes to capture more images) creating an unprecedented focus effect. There are different modes, such as slow motion video, 3D panorama mode, HDR, the burst mode at 60 frames per second, image stabilization, smile detection and tracking of the eyes, never to lose the only right time, anti blur mode, most advanced in the world.

In our opinion, even with all these awesome features this concept looks more like a tablet with camera-like-features rather than a camera with tablet-like-features. Let us know what you think of this in the comments below.

[via Yanko Design]