Apple To Announce iPad 3 On March 7th [Rumour]

Apple To Announce iPad 3 On March 7th [Rumour]

Another day and yet another rumour about the most anticipated gadget of the year. Yes, you are right, Apple’s next generation iPad 3 tablet. Rumour has it that Apple would unveil the iPad 3 on Wednesday 7th of March, it seems plausible because Apple has a tradition of hosting such events on Wednesday.

Coincident or not but the purported date aligns with previous reports of the device being officially launched in the first week of March. iMore reports that sources with a reliable history claim of Apple holding the event on the pinpointed date, while confirming that the new tablet would be sporting an all new Quad core A6 processor as well as the much talked about 2048×1536 resolution Retina display.

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Had it been just a random source on a random site, we would not have paid much attention to such an obvious guess but when Dalrymple of Loopinsight posted a similar story saying that he has also heard of the event being held on March 7th and with him sort of confirming the news, we couldn’t just wait to break it to all the Apple fans out there.

With a company as ambitious as Apple there are signs the new device might as well be equipped with 4G technology covering international LTE networks as opposed to some believers that predict it might take even a year or more for some countries to enjoy the benefits of this technology. Such predictions have thinned the chances of Apple actually taking the risk of adding it to the upcoming product.

One can only hope that the speculations about better battery, Retina display, 8-Mega-pixel rear camera and a high quality front camera for Facetime calls, a extremely fast Quad Core A6 processor, LTE technology and Siri functionality may all come true. The only way of knowing for sure about all these features is when the iPad 3 is finally launched which may turn out to be March 7.