It’s a part of human nature to dream about things that may never be possible. Antonio De Rosa at ADR studios did the same and proved through his creative skills that consumer electronics are not just a piece of silicon chip laden with IC’s and what not. The credit for this innovative and courageous thinking goes to Apple as it’s products keep inspiring people from all spheres of life to think out of the box and take innovation to a whole new level.

Gadget designing is not child’s play and requires some definite set of skills which can be seen in the video posted below. The video presents some very imaginative gadgets by designer De Rosa where he has designed some remarkable concept devices that may someday become a part of Apple’s product line. All these gadgets we are going to talk about are only concepts and do not exist in the real world and there is no report of them being developed by Apple even in the distant future.

apple iphone,iphone,iphone concept by Antonio De Rosa,Antonio De Rosa iphone,apple ibox concept by Antonio De Rosa

The first gadget demonstrated in the video is an iBox; a very sleek and stylish set top box with a touch interface. It has a seven inch Capacitative touch screen that can be used to interact with the television once the iBox is connected to it. Thus in addition to a personalised mini High definition Tv an iBox can also be used to interact with the connected television through Siri voice commands and touch gestures.

apple ibox,ibox,ibox concept by Antonio De Rosa,Antonio De Rosa ibox,apple ibox concept by Antonio De Rosa

Next up on ADR studios’ dream list is an iCam which is sure to attract a lot of photography enthusiasts with its classy look and ground breaking concept. It basically acts as a ‘four thirds’ DSLR camera developed with an exquisite aluminium uni body housing rear and front screens as well as a Led flash and a pico projector.

apple icox,icox,icox concept by Antonio De Rosa,Antonio De Rosa icox,apple icox concept by Antonio De Rosa

iWatch a crazy idea, is next on the supposed Apple products lineup. Designed to allow flawless interaction with iPad and iPhone it comes with a bewildering 32GB of internal sotrage and lets users project all the stored content with the help of a pico projector.