Angry Birds Is Now Available On Facebook — Play Now

Grab The Angry Birds 2.0 Special Birthday Edition Update Now

Angry Birds is the Super Mario of the new Millennium. People of all ages are glued to the game. For the Facebook addicts there’s great news that the game Angry Birds has been launched onto Facebook.

Previously an announcement was made that the game would be launched on Valentine’s Day 2012. But, the angry birds are set free a day before to fly into the world of Facebook.

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Angry Birds is a flash based game. The game features a unique gameplay mode of power-ups offered only on the Facebook platform of the game. These power-ups are designed to aid players to cheat & avoid particular tough levels.

Here’s what you need do after launching the game on Facebook:

1. Select any one of the three gameplay levels. Namely Poached Eggs, Surf and Turk and The Mighty Hoax.

2. For Valentine’s Day a special offer is there for users to receive gifts. (optional)

3. Then you will come across the “Invite Friends” feature that majority of the Facebook apps associate with. (optional)

4. Then you can toggle sound and view developer’s info.

For the customization of Avatar placeholders are there alongside game content from the gameplay shop. The game has full soundtrack of Angry Birds. So, you can hear the Angry Birds music playing in the background while playing the game itself on Facebook.

Simply follow this link to get started with Angry Birds on Facebook.