Top 10 Android Apps For Web Developers

Top 10 Android Apps For Web Developers

If you are a web developer, you will come across a wide range of android apps online. The launch of Android based phones by major mobile brands including Motorola, Samsung, HTC etc. has forced Android app developers to bring out more quality apps. Even though there are hundreds of web apps available, the Top 10 Android apps for web developers are:

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1. Connect Bot

It is a very common app for the Linux servers. It allows any android based phone to connect to the remote servers. Due to its great utility, it is a hit among all. (Download Link)

2. App Manager

Managing Apps can be a tedious and a complex task. However, you can easily manage your application with App Managers. It will assist you in installing and uninstalling various applications easily. (Download Link)

3. Bar Code Scanner

Your android phone should have the camera to use this application. Bar Code Scanner is used for reading both QR codes and UPC bar codes containing URLs. Using these codes, you can easily access information and other applications. (Download Link)

4. WordPress for Android

This app is a must have for any typical web developers as they require a good open source content management system. It allows you to write new content, edit it, view the stats and manage the comments that are coming on your posts. (Download Link)

5. Webmaster’s HTML Editor Lite

It is another great app for the web developers. There are many text editing apps available for android phones, but you will hardly find a good one for editing the WebPages. This great app not only allows you to make and edit HTML, but you can also make changes to JavaScipt, CSS and PHP. Besides there are many other features available. (Download Link)

6. JavaScript Reference

The simple and easy to use interface of this app is among the best in class. This app is derived from the W3C School’s own documentation and is highly useful for freelance web designers. A variant of this app has been developed by freelance web designer london, a firm that specializes in professional web development. (Download Link)

7. AndFTP

If you are looking for an app that enables fast and easy transfer of files between your device and internet then you will find that this app is of great use. You can easily move files, delete them or create various folders. For web servers, it acts as a full service file manager. (Download Link)

8. Joooid

Jooid (derived from Joomla) is another popular CMS system which is used by thousands of android users for managing their professional as well as commercial website. Using this, you can create posts and edit HTML format as well. It offers plethora of other features including maps, images and various goodies. (Download Link)

9. HTML5 Reference

The reference lists of HTML5 lists all the tags that are supported in the HTML5 specifications. All the tags, their attributes are listed in a very simple and convenient cheat sheet format. The HTML5 cheat sheet is the best among all reference apps available for android phones. (Download Link)

10. Colour Pal

This is a fun application which is of great use of web developers. It helps to browse and find some of the best and newest colour palettes. You can add them to your web pages, blogs etc.

With so many choices available, it is difficult to say which among the other is better. However, the android apps mentioned above are some of the apps that will help you to get a great start with your android phone. (Download Link)