AirBlue Lets You Share Files From Your iPhone To Any Device Via Bluetooth

AirBlue Lets You Share Files From Your iPhone To Any Device Via Bluetooth

iOS developer Eric Day has brought sunshine into the life of iOS users where they were never given an option of bluetooth file sharing by iOS itself. People using any iDevice always have to use third party apps and tweaks on their jailbroken device to enjoy the charms of quick, hassle free file sharing.

Tweaks like Celeste have tried their luck at providing filesharing through bluetooth. Now Eric has brought a new contender to the market named AirBlue. This new tweak is available at Cydia through repo BigBoss.

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This great app requires no configuration whatsoever to start sharing almost every kind of file present on your bluetooth enabled iDevice — even on Android.

AirBlue is a very clever tweak for sharing files at highspeeds, it promises a highspeed of upto 1.7 megabytes per second without affecting the battery too much as it automatically turns of bluetooth after every filesharing session and you can activate it yourself for the next session.

If you are using AirBlue then there is no need of registering devices every time you need to share files as it also maintains paired devices and you need to pair the devices together only once. Another great feature is the client interoperability, if you want to transfer a file with another iDevice which may not be running AirBlue and might be using a different client such as Celeste, you can still share files with that device as both of them have many degrees of compatibility. Although this tweak is helpless when it comes to sharing files with non-jailbroken devices.

If that isn’t good enough for you then AirBlue packs another feature that allows two iDevices share files with eachother over the WiFi network. This baffling feature lets users share very large files that may take ages to transfer over bluetooth.

It even goes one step further and lets you share multiple files at once allowing pure multitasking experience.

Jam-packed with some gutsy features the price of 4.99$ seems completely justified and is highly recommended for users who often like to share files on the fly.