3D Panorama View To Be Offered By Virtual Reality Contact Lenses

3D Panorama View To Be Offered By Virtual Reality Contact Lenses

Contact lenses that aid in improving eyesight with the help of MP 3D Panorama images are mostly being designed with funding from military. A new research has stated that, for people who do not want to rely on contact lenses can go for lenses that will be directly implanted within the eye.

With the passing time, nature of video displays have become complex for everyone starting from general public to sophisticated professionals like fighter pilots. One of the many possibilities include a virtual reality system which will replace complete view of the real world with the help of computer-generated vistas. One more idea is somewhat like this where computer generated images will be displayed over real world ones and is called Augmented Reality (AR).

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According to Steve Willey who is the CEO of Bellevue, Innovega,

Till the display industry is able to deliver trasparent, excellent quality & perfect eyewear, AR developers & rest of the compelling media applications will ultimately fail in creating the excitement which the consumers crave for and the functionality which the professionals are in need of.

He further added that,

In the past few months, contact lens enabled eyewear for portable devices including mobile phones ,gaming devices have been demonstrated by us where panoramic view can be seen for AR applications and top notch experience.

This new system will have advanced contact lenses functioning in conjunction alongside lightweight eyewear. Usually, human eyes are confined to its ability to focus on objects located close to it.