U.S. Military Is Using Dolphins To Detect Mines

U.S. Military Is Using Dolphins To Detect Mines

The U.S Military has invested billions of dollars to buy modern equipment, but have you ever wondered what do they use to detect mines underwater? The answer is Dolphins!! Yes you read that right! They use dolphins to detect mines for them.

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So, instead of spending money on valuable machinery, they are now using these innocent dolphins to do the mine-detecting from them.

This is how it works:

  • The dolphins are trained by the Navy to detect mines.
  • Once the mines are detected, the trained-dolphins drop acoustic transponders.
  • These acoustic transponders help the Navy to easily detect the mines, and detonate them.

Though this technique endangers the life of dolphins, but there is no news of fatalities and lets hope there won’t be any.

[via Gizmodo]