Ultimate Gaming Stuff – Turn Your iPhone Into A PSP

Ultimate Gaming Stuff - Turn Your iPhone Into A PSP 1

Having an iPhone is cool! And with those hundreds of brilliant games for it out there, its a gamer’s dream too.  The only bad thing is that its a touch screen device, therefore, you can’t have that full gaming experience.

Well now, you can rule that out, as Ion’s new iCade Mobile will turn your iPhone into a gaming console or more precisely, a PSP.

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iCade Mobile allows you to attach a PSP-like controls to the iPhone, which allows you to control your iPhone with them.

This one will be pretty useful in games like Need For Speed, Batman Arkham City Lockdown and Infinity Blade(I and II both) — as pressing touch screen controls on a 3.5 inch screen makes you feel a little cramped sometimes.

So basically, this makes your iPhone an all-in-one gadget. You get to use your iPhone as a smartphone, you can use the vast apps in the iTunes and you can also make your iPhone a handheld gaming console with a brilliant retina display. The only thing missing from making it a complete PSP is that the screen size is only a little smaller.

This  iCade Mobile controller goes on sale in May for iPhone and iPod Touch and at a pretty reasonable price of $79.

[via Gizmodo]