Top 5 Most Pirated Games Of 2011

Top 5 Most Pirated Games Of 2011 1

Piracy reached its peak in 2011, and there are no hopes for piracy to slow down in 2012. Games, songs and movies are the things, which are the main targets of piracy. As reported, the number of pirated downloads of copies of those games reached above millions in 2011.

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Note: All the figures are provided from data released by TorrentFreak.

Crysis 2 topped all pirated game charts with nearly 4 million downloads of its pirated copy. Keep reading to know more about the number of downloads the pirated copies of games got.

1. Crysis 2

Crysis 2,Crysis 2 video game,Crysis 2 game

Officially released in March 2011, Crysis 2 became the main target of pirated copies developers, and even outclassed the best selling shooter of all time, Modern Warfare 3 in pirated downloads. Crysis 2 nearly reached the 4 million mark with 3,920,000 downloads from piracy sites. As an advance copy of Crysis 2 leaked to the Internet a full month before the game’s scheduled release, Crytek and Electronic Art were baffled by the speed at which it was downloaded from the piracy sites.

2. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3,call of duty,call of duty Modern Warfare 3

MW3(short for Modern Warfare 3) may have been beaten by Crysis 2 in pirated downloads, but still it got the number 2 position barely ahead of its true rival, Battlefield 3. Just after it was released in November 2011, MW3 was downloaded 3,650,000 times for FREE.

3. Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3,Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 got released in October 2011, a month before MW3 was released, but still it couldn’t beat MW3 in pirated sales and ended up with 3,510,000 pirated downloads.

4. Fifa 12

fifa 12, Fifa 12 ea sports,ea sports Fifa 12

Everybody’s favorite football game, Fifa 12 was another main target of downloaders of pirated copies. It was just behind Battlefield 3 with a margin of 120,000 illegal downloads, and a total of 3,390,000 when the figures were recorded.

5. Portal 2

portal 2,Portal 2 video game

Portal 2 also kept up its reputation in piracy by reaching the 3 million mark in its copies of pirated downloads. It got 3,240,000 pirated downloads after its release in April 2011.

Some might find the issue debatable whether piracy is illegal or not, but we believe really not legal. As developers of those games/movies or songs put in a lot of work to make it, and downloading them through pirated sites results in low revenue from them and sometimes even results in losses.

We at GizmoCrazed would encourage you to avoid piracy and have some respect for the real developers.