Top 10 Tips To Turn Your iPod Touch Into An iPhone

Top 10 Tips To Turn Your iPod Touch Into An iPhone

Apple is no doubt one of the most renowned brands in the world. All its products including iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad are a huge hit among customers worldwide. These gadget have got some brilliant features that allows you to make calls, listen to music, watch movies, play games, surf net etc. Broadly speaking, these devices are mainly designed to serve different purposes. iPods are more of a music device, whereas iPhone is more of a communication device. Apple iPad can be termed as a combination of both. Even though the look of these devices is same, their utility differs.

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If you are looking for some simple steps to turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone then you need to follow the steps given below. There are a lot of apps and tools available that will help you to do this. Here is a Top 10 list of how you can turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone.

10. Truphone Microphone Adapter

It is true that iPod Touch doesn’t have a mic to talk. It is a big hindrance in converting your iPod Touch into an iPhone. Thus, you should use Truphone device that consist of a headset and a mic. It can be used to make free phone calls to other Truphone users.

9. Skype

It is an all time favorite application which is preinstalled in majority of the Apple products. With this, you can make calls to all the Skype users nationally and internationally free of charge. In case you want to call a landline number of a mobile number, then you have to shell out some money.

8. Nimbuzz

Texting is one of the most common forms of communication these days. If you feel that you cannot utilize your iPod touch for this purpose, then you are perhaps very wrong. This application is great for sending and receiving text messages. Not only this, it allows you to send or receiving images and other files. (Download link)

7. Fring

This is another cool application that allows you to make video calls. Even though there are many such apps that do the same, none of them match the quality and features of Fring. (Download link)

6. Apple Peel

Everyone expect the Apple employees and management are waiting for this great device to launch. Apple Peel adds 3G capabilities to your iPod Touch making it comparable to iPhone. It is actually a wireless device that adds mobile voice and text messaging capabilities to the iPod Touch

5. iCall free VoIP

This application is unique in the sense that it doesn’t require both the parties to have this app. It works like other VoIP apps but the calls are limited to only five minutes. (Download link)

4. TextFree Unlimited

This app is mainly for texting and provides you with a real number along with a real area code and not just any email address. However, you can’t send images or other files with it.

3. FaceNow

This application allows the iPhone users to call you. As long as you have this application in your iPod Touch, your friends having iPhone can make audio and video calls to you. (Download link)

FaceNow is a utility to make it easier than ever to go straight into a FaceTime conversation with your friends!

2. GV Connect

This app is a call and messaging client for Google talk. It allows you to link your phone number with Skype, landline, mobile phone or various other phones. Not only can you call and send messages but also browse the call history, read voicemails etc. (Download link)

1. Looks

Even though iPod Touch and iPhone bear striking resemblance, you should pay heed to look of your iPod Touch. Buy a case that makes your iPod Touch look like an iPhone. Aesthetics is as important as the technicalities of the phone.