Top 10 Tips & Exercises For Keeping Your Brain In Shape

Top 10 Tips & Exercises For Keeping Your Brain In Shape

The most used organ of our body is our brain and unfortunately the same is one which is ignored the most. We work out for keeping our physique in tone but don’t do much for this very important part of our body. The question you’d be having right now will be: HOW??

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Well, that the question we are going to answer today. Presenting before you today the Top 10 exercises and tips for keeping your very brain in shape.

10. Practice simple Maths everyday

When solving the starred and “interesting problems” from the D-maths, we used to get mad on our teachers who made us do that stuff, but that is something quite useful for our brains to work faster.

In some schools students were also made to play the game of Mad Math Minute. The test demanded to solve as many sums in sixty minutes as possible. To do this exercise now, you can make your one maths sheet and give yourself a target to achieve. Simple maths worksheets for fifthe graders available on the internet can also be used for this purpose. This exercise will make your mind work faster and get independent of the calculator for mental maths.

9. Wikipedia: Random

Reading something new and learning about things you don’t already also stimulates thinking. Wikipedia: Random provides you with the opportunity to stumble upon random articles every day and build your interest in different topics. Similarly Qwiki is also something good to start with. Thus pick one of them and make it your habit to learn something new every day.

8. Act like a teacher

When I was in school one of my teachers used to say: teaching makes you learn more than being taught.

That is actually true. When you teach, your mind recalls the information stored in it, better than when you are studying also, you are cautious enough to avoid stupid mistakes. Tip here is that whenever you learn something new, try to teach that to someone else or pretend to be your own teacher.

7. Sudoku

Some of you might have guessed this one beforehand. But for those of you who haven’t heard about it before, it’s a number guessing game. The player has to solve the puzzle, which is in the form of a grid. Difficulty level varies with the size of the grid and different Sudoku’s have different rules.

It is a fun and sometimes addictive game which helps building one’s problem solving can be played over the internet, iOS or android handsets. Some of the newspapers also print them for their readers to solve with the solution of the one printed the day before.

6. Be a Story Teller, Narrate them to Yourself

Story telling is an art. It makes your brain to remember the events and their details and that too in their right sequence. It also makes the teller to put his emotions into it whatever he is trying to recall and relate to. If you don’t use it as a means to retain information, only practicing it frequently will improve your memory.

An interesting fact about story telling is: it is used to cure Alzheimer patients. If this art can helpful for Alzheimer patients, it will surely prove beneficial for the memory of normal healthy people as well.

5. Write instead of Type

Since the advent of laptops and tablets, keyboards have replaced our pens and notebooks. They are faster and efficient. I prefer typing in cox it helps to maintain the flow of my thoughts without caring about how I am writing. But it appeared to us after research that writing with our own hands helps absorbing the new knowledge better. This is because when you use your hands to write, your brain’s RAS (Reticular Activating System) which acts as a filter processes the things well that you’re focusing on at that very moment. We don’t recommend ditching the laptops right away, but you should try to write longhand when learning something new.

4. Lumosity

It is an app on the web which provides for brain training activities. The exercises it makes you do depend upon the information you provide when you sign up. It can be used for free but the premium accounts obviously have more to offer. Nevertheless, all the exercises they offer are quite simple and fun to do.

After each exercise, you are informed about your progress while the goal is to improve with each day.

3. Know your Brain, its Faults and Account for them

Knowing the abilities and short comings of your brain, you will be able to use your potential to its full focusing your energies towards things you know are worth doing and your mind would assist you in that.

In addition to that, we have so many pieces on the internet dealing with issues like avoiding burnout from technology, becoming smarter by knowing you aren’t that great, to use one’s inclination towards quitting for one’s own benefit and many more.

2. Meditate

Stress and depression is something which is the worst enemy of our brain its working abilities. Nothing affects our brain more than stress does. One can’t avoid it, but to reduce one’s stress level, meditation is the best remedy. it doesn’t mean one should be yoga practitioner or something. Simple and light meditation exercise, some of them available online too, would work perfectly alright.

1. Work out and Look what you eat

More than Sudoku, this would be the one tip most of the people would be expecting but alarming it is, that the more people know about its benefits the lesser they follow it. if you don’t know how to work out well and what is good to take in, check out the articles available on the web, “15 minutes daily workout from 1904” and “structure your daily diet like a pyramid” might be something you will find useful. As they say “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body”, working on building your mind will go in vain if your body isn’t in a good shape to support it.