Top 10 Best Selling Xbox 360 Games Of 2011

Top 10 Best Selling Xbox 360 Games Of 2011 1

2011 was a big bang for the Xbox, with it being the best-selling console of 2011. Lets start rolling and review the hottest and best-selling games of 2011 for the best-selling console, Xbox 360. This is what we call, “best of the best”.

1. Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3

Everybody’s favorite First-person-shooter (FPS) game rocked the Xbox market, and easily beat its competitors in sales. This was also included in our top 5 pirated games list, where it was runner up with nearly 3,650,000 pirated downloads. As Activision reports, MW3 was sold 6.5 million copies of MW3 on the first day only for all platforms, while MW3 brought $1 billion in revenue for Activision in just 16 days.

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2. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (commonly known as just Skyrim) is the fifth installment to the Elder Scrolls series and is an action role playing game. The story revolves around defeating dragons using a variety of different weapons and different magic tricks. The player has to finally defeat Alduin, the firstborn of Tamriel’s primary deity Akatosh. This action-packed dragon-defeating game entranced the players to play it longer and longer. This became the second best selling game for Xbox 360 in 2011, after it got released on November 11 2011.

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3. Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 kept up the competition with MW3 by being the third best-selling Xbox 360 game of 2011. Though it didn’t got nearly as much sales as MW3, but it got enough to satisfy EA. It sold nearly 5 million sales in the first week. This one was also included in our top 5 most pirated game list with 3,510,000 pirated downloads.

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4. Kinect Sports Season Two

Kinect Sports season two

As Kinect became the fastest selling electronic device, surely the Kinect games got a boost, and kinect sports season two became the fourth best selling game for Xbox.

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5. Just Dance 3

Just Dance 3

This game allows players dance in the game via the famous motion sensor, Kinect.

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6. Halo 3

Halo 3

Halo 3 is the third installment to the Halo series and is also a first person shooter. It also became a major best selling game for the Xbox, the preferred console for FPS games. Halo 3’s story centers on the interstellar war between twenty-sixth century humanity and a collection of alien races known as the Covenant.

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7. Gears Of War 3

Gears Of War 3

Gears Of War 3 is an interesting action packed story continuing the Gears Of War 2 story. It is the final part to the Gears Of War trilogy. The story revolves around Gears from the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) working hard to free Marcus Feint’s father, who has found a solution to the Lambent infection. The lambent infection has now also infected the human race who are struggling to fight it.

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8. Saint’s Row: The Third

Saint's Row: The Third

The Saint’s Row: The Third finally made it to the top 10 best selling games. The player controls the leader of the Third Street Saints. The game world is the fictional city of Steelport, and the story focuses on the urban gang war between the Saints and The Syndicate, a rival criminal group.

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9. Fifa 12

Fifa 12

Another game that also made its way to top 5 pirated games as well as the top 10 best selling games is Fifa 12. After being completely redefined by EA, Fifa 12 was sure to make a big bang in the football gaming industry.

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10. Batman Arkham City

Batman Arkham City

DC kept up the reputation of the Batman series by introducing another great successor to the Batman series. After the Batman Arkham Asylum breakthrough, many fans thought that DC could not make another great title like that. But, as you can see with the Batman Arkham City, DC has made a great success. In this title, you have to venture in the city of Gotham, fighting with different criminals and try to stop Hugo Strange from executing his secret plan named Protocol 10. There is also an iOS version of this game named Batman Arkham City Lockdown.

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