The Typical Android User [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Typical Android User [INFOGRAPHIC]

Don’t know what a typical user of Google’s famous smartphone OS looks like or what does he do? Or what sorts of clothes he wear, or are they cool enough or not?

It is not a problem anymore of whether you know about an Android user or not, as folks at Bluestacks have created an infographic to help you understand an Android user better.

All the data in this infographic was gathered by the 145,000 fans of Bluestacks‘s Facebook fan page between 12/12/2011 and 12/19/2011.

So if you are considering to buy an Android phone, then you can take help from the infographic to know what changes will Android bring to you.

Note: If this infographic doesn’t appears big enough for you, click on it to make it appear in full screen.

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So after checking out the whole infographic of a typical Android user, what do you think about one?