Steve Wozniak: “Android Is Finally Ahead Of iOS And Siri Is A Failure”

Steve Wozniak:

The die-hard cool geek and co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, has confessed that Android is finally ahead of Apple’s iOS.

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Despite of him being a co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak is known to be an Android-lover beside his affection with iOS. He has never felt ashamed to show his love for the rival of Apple’s iOS. He recently received a brand-new Galaxy Nexus from Google as you can see in the picture above.

According to some recent comments of his, which got published by The Daily Beast, he feels that Android has overtaken iOS in the smartphone war. He further goes on to say that Siri assistant has been a failure. Here are his actual comments,

My primary phone is the iPhone. I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do. If you’re willing to do the work to understand it a little bit, well I hate to say it, but there’s more available in some ways.

I used to ask Siri, ‘What are the five biggest lakes in California?’ and it would come back with the answer. Now it just misses. It gives me real estate listings. I used to ask, ‘What are the prime numbers greater than 87?’ and it would answer. Now instead of getting prime numbers, I get listings for prime rib, or prime real estate.

He further acknowledged that Android was following the same path as Windows did back in the 80s and Android is an iOS-inspired-OS like Windows was a Mac-inspired-iOS.

I can see the similarity. (Though) There’s not as big a difference [between iOS and Android] as there was between Mac and Windows.

It seems that Wozniak has changed his mind about Android, a few months back he said that Android was a failure just like Apple III and Lisa.

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